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What fetish stuffs would you like to see more of? 

131 deviants said Giantess Growth!
110 deviants said Breast Expansion!
88 deviants said Vore!
68 deviants said Foot Crush!
54 deviants said Breast Crush!
48 deviants said Gentle Interaction!
46 deviants said Butt Crush!


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Rouge Feuchein
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Keeping the 'deviant' in deviantart since 1892. I create CGI art and stories, much of which is breast expansion, vore, crush or giantess themed (yes, those are things.) I'll be posting art and stories semi-regularily, so if you like my work, don't forget to click that 'Watch' button near the top of the page. Go ahead, do it. I'll wait.

I'm always taking requests! Also, trades. Trades are cool.

If you're interested in a commission, just send me a note.
Part 1 of Spoiled Brat: Expansion is now out, and available for just $5.00! This 20-page HD comic is about Becca, the spoiled brat from Spoiled Brat: Pool Party. Expansion is a prequel of sorts; we see how Becca got the power to make her breasts grow at will. And grow they do!

Click on the image below to see a larger version of the preview image. From there, you can click on the 'Purchase' button to download the full comic.

Spoiled Brat Expansion Part 1 - Now Available! by RedFireD0g

Here's the original: 

Spoiled Brat: Pool Party Full Comic! by RedFireD0g
  • Listening to: glorious silence
  • Reading: The Baroque Cycle
  • Watching: Under the Skin
  • Playing: The Binding of Isaac
  • Eating: Indian Buffet
  • Drinking: The blood of my enemies
I've been playing around with a site called SketchFab, which lets you upload 3D models so they can be easily viewed. Here are a couple of scenes from a while back, now in the third dimension!

  • Listening to: glorious silence
  • Reading: The Baroque Cycle
  • Watching: Under the Skin
  • Playing: The Binding of Isaac
  • Eating: Indian Buffet
  • Drinking: The blood of my enemies


3D Art Commission
Break on Through by RedFireD0g
Pax Romana Group Photo Test [update] by RedFireD0g
Cutie Kayla Breast Expansion 01 by RedFireD0g
Breast Expansion 06 by RedFireD0g
Kim Comic seq 20 by RedFireD0g
Joan 1 by RedFireD0g
I do 3D art involving any and all of the following. 

Bullet; Greennude or semi-nude or clothed 3D-rendered scenes involving women
Bullet; Greengiantess(es) (gentle, evil, or anywhere in between)
Bullet; Green growth or shrinking
Bullet; Green amazon(s)
Bullet; Green femdom (female domination)
Bullet; Green breast/butt/body expansion
Bullet; Green breast/butt/foot/other crush
Bullet; Green vore
Bullet; Green tasteful (or less than tasteful) softcore erotica/general sexiness
Bullet; Green Original (or unoriginal) characters
Bullet; Green ...just about anything else, as long as it doesn't violate dA's terms of services. 

Bullet; Black All images will be HD (at least 2000*1500)

Bullet; Black It's $10.00 base for an image. 
Bullet; Black More complex images, featuring multiple characters, detailed backgrounds and ultra-high render settings may slightly more, though never more than $15.00 per image.
Bullet; Black Depending on the commission, I may give discounts if you order multiple with the characters.
   The Throne Room by RedFireD0g The View from Above by RedFireD0g  Kim comic seq 14 by RedFireD0g      Livia by RedFireD0g The Empress by RedFireD0g Kayla BE 04 by RedFireD0g     Ahri Breast Crush Commission 01 by RedFireD0g  Ahri Breast Crush Commission 04 Clean by RedFireD0g    
I'll consider doing a story commission, if anyone's interested. But it has to be the right story. If anyone's interested, drop me a note. DON'T USE THE BUTTON BELOW! SEND ME A NOTE!

Celebrity Crush Introduction: The QueenCelebrity Crush

18 year-old Liz is a British Princess who just happens to be 300 feet tall. Young, beautiful, and completely self-absorbed, she moves to America and quickly becomes a celebrity. But don't get in her way, or you could end up underfoot...
Celebrity Crush is a broad satire of celebrity culture and the folly of ignoring wealth inequality, wrapped up in a rollicking giantess adventure that's bloody-good fun. Liz stomps on her fans and employees like the insects they are, and one-ups Godzilla when she takes a shortcut through a busy highway. With a special guest appearance by Christina Hendricks.
Introduction: The Queen
The Queen of Britain, all 50-odd feet of her, lies in her custom-tailored bedroom with her diminutive husband, the king.
Sunlight streaked through the velvety darkness of the bedroom. The Queen of England was sprawled out on her crimson-hued bed. Once a wealthy Egypt
  Celebrity Crush Chapter 1: Princess Liz
Author's Chapter Notes:
Elizabeth, a 300-foot tall British Princess becomes a tabloid sensation after she accidentally knocks over the Statue of Liberty and kills a few hundred people. An unfortunate intern messes up her drink order and ends up as red streak on the cement. And we meet the Lizzy's gleefully amoral personal assistant, Ted.
Chapter 1: Princess Liz
He drove the forklift carefully, careful not to spill the container he was carrying. To his right he could see the Princess’ immense outdoor pool, the water reflecting bright sunlight and stretching on for half a mile in each direction. From here, it looked as vast as the ocean. He drove along the wide concrete platform around the pool. Now and again he had to swerve around huge craters in the concrete. They were dotted in two rows, one of them every hundred feet or so. Each shallow crater was shaped and indented like a woman's foot. They looked like footprints in the sand, yet each of them wa
  Celebrity Crush Chapter 2: Last-minute Preparation
Author's Chapter Notes:
A group of garment workers are crushed under Liz's enormous heel.
Last-Minute Preparations
“Stupid heels… They’re…too… tight…” Elizabeth struggled to stuff her feet into her new heels. Around her feet scrambled dozens of tiny garment workers. They were older women, all of them Asian, most short and squat and wrinkled. Each doing their best to adjust the shoes, toying with the small straps and laces along the sides of the shoes. A few were on top of the heels, holding themselves up with the same straps they were trying to adjust. A few more stood below the heels’ arches, using tools to make last-minute adjustments to the soles. They looked like insects, swarming around high-heeled shoes as big as a school bus. They were focused on their work, but from time to time they would glance upward, gazing at the princess with a mix of nervous apprehension and awe.
The princess fi


RedFireD0g has started a donation pool!
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The Redfiredog beer fund. Beer, for People.

Or more specifically, beer for people who are me.

Philanthropists, in your generosity, help me buy a pack of Hefeweizen. I've been going sober for the last few weeks. Big thanks to Knowsfran for helping me out last time. But sadly, one cannot enjoy beer without destroying it... And now, I find myself beer-less, the hour of need is at hand...


On a more serious note, you can't actually use dA points to buy beer (unfortunately.) Any money I raise here will go towards commissioning art and stories from other artists. Not to mention giving me extra encouragement to release more free content! If you want to see more free giantess and BE art, donate here!

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CYBORG by Joe-Roberts 
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RufusTSerenity Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Hello RedFireD0g! 

Let me begin by saying that I have been reading and love your stories on Giantess World. I'm not usually a fan of violent stories but your are so well done that I love them. 

Anyway, I come to you because I'd like to make a suggestion for the next chapter of "Celebrity Crush". I know this is going to be rough but here's roughly what I had in mind. After the car crash, Liz notices that Brain is now grabbing out of her breasts much more than before. Laughing, she asks if he's always such a boob man. Still jittery after the car crash, Brian eventually says no, reminding Liz he's never touched a boob before. Liz remembers that and then says that Brian should get some hot pussy, citing that she wants her new best friend to be happy. Then, Liz sees a sign for a beauty pageant in a area that has so far been untouched by Liz's rampage. She gets an idea. She goes to the pageant, crushing a good deal of the people there while making sure to spare the pageant contestants, and as a result only crushing one or two of them. She justifies this by saying that any destruction she causes is for the greater good of getting her new best friend laid. Once the area is flattened and covered in crushed bodies, Liz cheerfully announces that the ladies will be entering a different kind of contest. She then brings Brain before them. Liz then starts to present Brain as if she were a game-show host but she starts to flounder when she realizes that she actually knows nothing about Brian. Once that happens, Liz just gives up the act and tells them that she's going to use them all as living dildos but she'll allow one of them, as chosen by Brain, to remain alive as long as that girl services Brian's every sexual need and desire. She then asks Brian to pick one of the models. Brain, still not believe that any of this is happening and trying to keep his morals, she he can't choose one girl. Liz is confused but then she smirks, she misinterprets Brain's compassion as him just wanting more than one girl. After calling him a player, Liz says that she'll allow Brian two girls. Brian still doesn't say anything. Without warning, two of the hottest models suddenly run at Brian. One unzips his pants and starts giving him a BJ while the other one shoves Brian's face into her huge breasts. Chucking, Liz says that this settled the matter. She then grabbed the remaining girls and using them while the two work on Brian. 

So, what do you think of this idea? Whether you like it or not, please let me know your opinion, ok? 
RedFireD0g Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, I actually really like some of those ideas. I might have to incorporate some of that into the series at some point. Thanks!
RufusTSerenity Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Really? WOW! That's so AWESOME! A part of me wasn't expecting that you'd actually answer me. That's so great! :) 

If you don't mind my asking, which of these ideas are you thinking of maybe incorporating into "Celebrity Crush"? 
RedFireD0g Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you'll have to wait and see.
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